Personal ???

I am thinking about one topic now – Why am I not ready to reveal more personal details in my blog??

I really don’t know what stops me in doing that..

I know I am contradicting myself  as I started to blog so that I can be totally  be myself here… But  I don’t feel the urge to reveal more personal things now..

There are always some persons who hurt us in our life..Our reactions to them might vary – some might get angry, some might cry…But I totally ignore them and will never forgive or forget what they did to me..I know I am not matured enough and I am so sensitive…

In my life, I have met many interesting characters, who can provide material for my blog for a long period…If I start writing about them, I will never face writer’s block….

But I am not ready to write about them now..I don’t even want to relive those hurtful moments again…Who Knows, I might change later also…

I will always share my happier moments and  When I am sad, I will rant in this blog for sure..But my deepest secrets, as of now, will be mine…

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