Vacation Series – 3

We woke up around 7’o clock next day morning.. We got ready quickly and after breakfast we started for our sightseeing around 9’o clock…

We first went to Bara Pathar in Nainital..We can enjoy horse riding from this place..A person will accompany us and the horse ride was for about 1.5 hours up the hills..It was very thrilling as we saw many places like Tiffin Top (Dorothy’s Seat) ,Naina peak, suicide point, etc..We enjoyed a lot as it was first time horse riding experience for us..

Some of the Photos clicked there:







After 1.5 hours we completed our horse riding ..We then went to Eco Cave gardens..Ticket was Rs.50 per person and we were informed that we can’t go inside the caves as there was more water and it wasn’t safe..They also told that we can see the caves from outside..So we bought the tickets and went inside..

The place was very cool and there were many caves and water was full in those caves ..We enjoyed the climate there &  clicked some photos:




After that we visited the famous Naina Devi temple in Nainital..Temple was very Beautiful and was crowded..


From temple, we saw a nice view of Nainital lake…


Then we went for getting tickets to snow view point through Rope way…We were disappointed to hear that all tickets were already sold for the day..We were informed that we could get tickets only for next day evening trip…So we decided that we can’t visit snow view point as we are leaving to Corbett next day morning..

So we started roaming in Mall Road in Nainital..We thought of having lunch in Chandni chowk hotel in Mall road as we read some good reviews about that hotel..

We were in one end of Mall road & hotel was in another end..There was a big queue for Rickshaws and so we decided to walk..It was not hot and so we enjoyed walking by observing various shops in Mall Road..Finally we reached Chandni Chowk hotel..My husband ordered a Thali and I thought of eating some chats..But I was informed that as it was lunch time, there was no chats available..So I had butter Naan..Food was good and hot jalebis was very yummy..

After lunch we again started roaming in Mall road…We  saw Nainital lake and view was so good..We were not interested in boating, so we started shopping..There were many shops which had beautiful candles and we bought some candles..

Finally it was evening, we were so tired of roaming, so we decided to get back to hotel..When we called our driver, he told that he was stuck in heavy traffic and he was about 1 km away from Mall road…We waited for him for half an hour, but he can’t reach our place..So we walked that 1 Km and climate was very pleasant and saw many vehicles blocked due to heavy traffic..We finally boarded our car and started back to hotel..Our driver told that many vehicles were blocked on way to Nainital due to heavy traffic as it is peak season and also weekend..

We finally reached our hotel, had dinner and took rest…

To be continued…

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