Vacation Series – 2

Just 2 days before the date of our departure, there was heavy rain in Chennai in late evenings and early mornings..We were bit tensed as we had booked for early morning flight to Delhi..

Thank God!!!! There was no rain in the day when we started…We both were excited as it was the first flight experience for us!!!!

We reached Chennai airport in time…As we have browsed earlier regarding first time flying, boarding was easier..We remembered reading steps regarding first time flying and followed the same…

Our flight was on time and we boarded successfully..We didn’t get window seat, but still we enjoyed flying..

We reached Delhi on time..I got call from the Driver immediately after landing …He asked us to come to parking area..We reached there, located him and started our journey to Nainital..

Driver said that he can talk only hindi and not English..So I started translating to my husband..

We stopped at Hotel Saravana Bhavan for having breakfast..My husband was happy as he loves south Indian food..I thought of having  breakfast at North Indian hotels..But he said that as we have 4 days in tour to have North indian food, we’d eat at Saravana Bhavan …So he had Mini tiffen & coffee and I had Uthappam & coffee…

After Breakfast, we continued our Journey to Nainital..Our driver said that it may take 6 to seven hours to reach there…

We were excited as we are going to cross Delhi, Noida in Uttarpradesh State, and finally reach Nainital in Uttarkhand State..

For Lunch we stopped at Bikanerwala hotel at Gajraula…Hotel was very nice and large..We were not hungry, so we decided to have chats…We had Dhokla, Aloo Tikki and Masala Lassi.. They were so yummy …

We passed through National Highways  and finally we started climbing hills…These are the photos that I randomly clicked from car while travelling..




Climate was pleasant enroute to Nainital and we finally reached around 5’o clock in evening..

Our Resort was half an hour away from Nainital …We were happy because we were away from crowd in Nainital ..The scenic view was so good and we reached hotel around 5:30 pm..

We checked in our room in resort and it was good and spacious – We had a nice balcony  and view from it was so mesmerizing – There was Oven, Electric Kettle, heater, in the room..Room was neat and clean…

These are the photos that we took from our room balcony in resort :





Then we started from our room around 6.30 pm and our Driver took us for a drive around our resort..We had nice vegetable bakora and hot tea at a small hotel nearby..It was tasty..

We also noticed that even at 7 Pm it was not dark and still bright…We visited Uttarkhand Government shop where they had candles, organic sarees and handicrafts..We bought candles from that shop and returned to our hotel..

We took rest for some time and left to restaurant in hotel for having dinner..Food was good and after dinner, went for small walk around hotel..Then after a long day, we were so tired and slept…

This was our first day at Nainital..

To be continued…

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