Vacation Series – 1

OK, Let me begin…

Me & my husband had been thinking of taking a short break from  our monotonous routine life for a very long time..

Finally we decided that we have to select a place quickly and plan accordingly..

My husband said that we can plan only for a short trip for 4 days …

We started looking for hill stations outside Tamilnadu ( Have earlier visited both Kodaikanal and Ooty)

I was fascinated by Manali a lot..But after some researching I found out that, 4 days trip is not enough for Manali – Minimum 6 to 7 days to Manali will be good..So, ruled out Manali from our list..

Then we found that Nainital suits our requirements better..

After zeroing on Nainital, we started looking for 3 nights 4 days package..When we contacted a famous tour operator, we were told that there is a package which covers both Nainital and Corbett in 4 days..We discussed and finally decided to book that package which starts from Delhi..

We finalized to start for our trip after 10 days and decided to book air tickets for both to and fro journey to Delhi from Chennai..

After  booking air tickets, we contacted tour operator and paid them for 4 days package to Nainital & Corbett..(Regarding tour operator, I had option of 2 famous operators – I selected the one which provided me a package which was both cost effective and good)..

We were happy that we finalized the tour and started preparing for the same as we had only 10 days time..

Our weekends were busy with shopping..I bought 2 pair of jeans, 2 short kurtas, 2 shirts,  shoes, sweater & backpack for me..Hubby bought T-shirts, Travel Bag, sweater, for himself..

We also bought some necessary medicines…I started packing for both of  us..

We were very excited about this trip because:

  • It is the first time that we are going to visit North India  (I have been to Mumbai when I was just three years old, but how will I remember it!!!!! My husband  also haven’t been there)
  • It is the first time we are going by Aeroplane  (Didn’t get any chance to fly earlier)
  • It is the first time that I am going to test my talking skills in Hindi…Though I have passed 4 exams in Hindi, and I watch  hindi movies,serials etc and understand the language better, I haven’t got chance to talk in hindi many times in Chennai ..My husband doesn’t know hindi…I was thrilled as I am going to be the translator to him…Hahahaha…

So we both were ready to leave for our Vacation!!!!!!


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