Life in bullet points…

  • Recently I was standing in queue in billing counter of a famous shop…Lady in counter asked the person standing before me whether he wanted any cloth bag priced at Rs.5  for things that he purchased… He replied that he did not want any bag and  questioned  the lady that why he should freely advertise their product by buying their bag in which the shop’s name was printed….He continued that he will buy the bag if his name is printed on it…The lady at the counter was taken aback and blinked!!!!!
  • I  feel special that my Birthday and my parents’ wedding day is on the same day…I  remember telling  this information right from my school days to all!! hahaha..Yes, I am crazy..
  • I really love getting gifts at 12’o clock at night for my birthday…My husband had gifted at that time twice…But  now he loves taking me to shops and wants me to select & buy anything that I like…He says that he is really confused what to buy if he goes alone to shop…His point is anyway he gifts me on my birthday & why I am more concerned about the time!!! I know I am behaving like a child, but couldn’t change myself!!!
  • After our marriage, we had never been on a vacation apart from our honeymoon.. Either me or my husband didn’t get leave and were busy..After a long time, I realised that  we are badly in need of a change in routine life…Have planned something & don’t know how far it will get materialized…Fingers crossed!!!!
  • I don’t know why I am so lazy in planning and taking decisions…During many situations, at last moment, I back off suddenly…In my mind I think of several options before zeroing on a particular decision..Really don’t know whether it is right or wrong..hmmmm…

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