Being Happy…

We all want to be happy..I feel Happiness is contagious..Meeting others with a smiling face always has its own merits..

There are many ways to be happy – Some of them are:

  1. Being grateful – I think being grateful for what we have is the first step towards happiness – Thanking God for what we have at this stage of life really helps a lot – It is very important to enjoy the present moment instead of cribbing about what we do not have.
  2. Positive thinking – Thinking Positively and also visualizing ourselves in situation that we dream of makes us feel happy – I am not talking about day dreaming here – It is about our honest dreams which we can really achieve through hard work and sincerity.This positive thinking really helps in succeeding in our goals..
  3. Sleeping well – A good night sleep really makes us feel fresh in the morning and to face day to day challenges in life…Many of us usually think about all our worries while we try to sleep – We have to understand that worrying and not sleeping well is not going to change anything in life.
  4. Helping others – I feel that helping others can make us happy – Even a small help that we do, can make a big difference in others’ life.
  5. Less expectations & less comparisons – I know this is very difficult to practice in life, but if we follow, then we can stay happy always – Expectations & comparisons really affects our relationships a lot – We become sad if persons’ very close to us do not fulfill our expectations and then we start comparing our lives with that of others-All these lead only to road of unhappiness..So, expect less, compare less and be always happy!!!!

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