15 reasons on Why I love blogging…

I love blogging because:

  1. It helps me to think deeply before writing anything – It is really challenging and exciting in nature..
  2. It has created my own platform/outlet for expressing my thoughts..This is my space where I need not worry about anything or anybody and can be myself..
  3. I  prefer blogging than maintaining  personal diaries as i feel blogging to be more anonymous in nature..
  4.  I enjoy  blogging as there are no hard & fast rules for it..
  5.  I have started to criticize myself honestly whether I am right or wrong in many situations due to blogging …
  6. It helps me to meet new people and reading other blogs provides me with new insight about life..
  7. It has increased my confidence level in writing…
  8. It helps in organizing and improving my thoughts…
  9. Have increased my observing capacity more..
  10. Blogging and reading other blogs inspires me to travel and explore more…
  11. It keeps me occupied in my free time and is my most favourite hobby…
  12. It helps to improve my creativity skills…
  13. gain knowledge and be updated with information…
  14. I am the owner for my blog and no body can compel me for anything and I can write about my opinion freely without restrictions..
  15. Last, but not the least, Blogging helps me to rediscover my First Love of my Life – Writing  and  I am grateful for the same.

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