This & That…

  • After a long time, watched back to back 2 movies- Jungle Book & Ko-2.Jungle book movie was so enjoyable (brought back old memories ) and Ko-2 was OK.
  • Finally election is over and results are also published – Results are the same as I expected – One Party had won with absolute majority – Predictions of many Exit Polls and Opinion polls had turned out to be wrong – People had once again proven that it is very difficult to predict what they think..
  • In this election, Opposition Parties had used marketing strategies to the fullest…Everywhere there were Advertisements against the ruling party and I feel that it was overdosage..Inspite of all these, People had voted for the ruling party..
  • There was heavy rain in the city and cool climate was also enjoyable..Along with rain, power cut was also there, but it was manageable…
  • Had a good time with my family …Watched some old movies, went to many places and enjoyed a lot…

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