Is there any Privacy???

This post is going to be a  serious rant…Please read at your own risk…

Nowadays I am  thinking  about the below:

  • Is there any thing called PRIVACY in this society??
  • Why people are more concerned about others’ lives than theirs??
  • What they gain from hurting others??
  • Who are they to question/interrogate other persons’ personal life??

I feel intruding in others’ lives starts very early in this society..

When a baby is born, others start giving advice to parents (especially mother) on how to take care of the baby..I think it is  somewhat Ok if it comes from close family and not from all  the strangers…

Then this society starts bombarding  questions to that Kid regarding his/her education and marks secured & compares them with others…My question is “Why can’t they mind their own business?? ” They really don’t understand how bad that kid will feel due to comparison..

Ok, then if he/she completes education and is searching for Job, then again they start asking “Oh!!!!! haven’t you got any job yet?? So bad!!! You are troubling your parents a lot”

Now next stage is if he/she gets job finally & doesn’t want to marry soon, this society will start offering free advice regarding importance of marriage..

If he/she is in love with somebody and wants to marry the same person, even if their parents approve, the so called society will not let them live in peace…Many parents fear of what others’ will say to this love marriage and so are reluctant to accept their son/daughter’s wish…

Finally  he/she is married after facing many hurdles & are enjoying their life…After some days, again this society starts asking them ” When are you going to have kids???”

I seriously think is there any privacy here?? Having Kids is very personal thing and when to have them is to be decided  only by husband/wife and not by others…

If after some years, they didn’t have baby, then that wife faces numerous questions and every tom, dick & harry advice her to consult this or that doctor…They don’t even consider how bad she might feel..Whenever they see/talk with her, this is the first question that she is asked …Many blame/sympathize with her for not having baby…

I  would like to question this society “Is having kids the sole purpose of marriage??? “

I feel  kids are important, but having kids alone doesn’t make any marriage successful… I think a successful marriage is  more about true love, trust, companionship and so on…

I sincerely dream of a society where people mind their own business and let others’ live their life peacefully without intrusion…I know very well that this dream will not come true & if it comes true, it will be the eighth wonder of this world!!!!!!

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