Why are those 2 persons riding motorbike as if they are in race??? Why they forget that they are in a busy road???

Oh!!!!No!!!! I haven’t cut the vegetables…Me and my short term memory loss!!!

The Beautician in Parlor said that I have to take care of my skin…Hmmm…I must start applying creams that I bought…

The room is not cool even after AC is switched on for many hours…Why??? May be I have tougher skin!!!!

I have to buy fresh flowers for God daily…


I haven’t completed reading the new book that I bought…When will I finish reading it???

Have to get my new dresses stitched…don’t know when  will I do that…I  am lazy to the core…

I shouldn’t have shouted at him….But he irritated me….So he deserved it…

Why can’t people stand in a proper queue while billing in super market???

Why God is like this??? I know everything happens for a reason, but I can’t guess the reason even after many years…


No, you shouldn’t blame the God….Thank God for what you have got!!! 

Why the modular kitchen and cockroaches are inseparable??? 

Why I fear when I see big lorries???

What will happen if I die suddenly??? Is there life after death????

Why people are not minding their own business??? 


There are times when I sleep immediately after I hit the bed and I simply love it…

But Yesterday I was not lucky!!!! I couldn’t sleep..

I have heard that we may  get sleep if we count from 1 to 100 in our mind…

So I tried it!!!

These are the thoughts that I got in my mind when I tried to sleep yesterday by counting  One. Two.. Three…

(I was counting & thinking and I really didn’t know when I slept finally yesterday!!! Ya I know I am crazy!!!!)

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