“She”Series – 4

Who is She????

  • From her schooling days, she used to interact with all of her classmates, but she wished to have only less number of friends…She was very happy with her small circle of friends and always liked to spend time with them..
  • She thinks that  she is a bit selfish in nature..Though she tries hard  that her selfishness doesn’t affect others, she can’t totally get rid of it!!!
  • She is very sensitive in nature…If she gets angry, she shouts at people close to her.. After those initial emotional moments, she will become calm..But irony is that she will not shout at everybody – Will try to control her emotions with persons not close to her & shows her anger only to her  close & best buddies!!!!
  • She is  honest and fair when she deals with others…But her problem is that she always expects others also to be like that!!!
  • She adapts to situations well and easily adjusts with others…She does not express herself to others regarding what she wants & is OK even if  she didn’t get what she wished & she would adjust well…She feels that the persons whom she is really close to, should know about her likes & dislikes even without her expressing it!!!! Many of her close family members & close friends have advised her that she should express herself, but she really couldn’t change!!!
  • She is very possessive in nature and she hates herself for that!!!
  • She takes time to believe others, but  after believing them fully, if they betray her, She neither forgives nor forgets them….
  • She likes gifting to persons whom she is very close to and is very good at surprising them..
  • She always likes to spend for others without any budget…But if she wants to buy something for herself, She will think thousand times before buying that…She is a selective miser!!!
  • She is very bad in expressing her love to her family or her close friends…She knows she loves them to the core, but never expresses that through her words…
  • She believes in poetic justice and many incidents in her life have proved that it exists..
  • She accepts her mistakes if she does anything wrong and doesn’t mind apologizing for it!!! She hates to cover up her mistakes and boldly faces the consequences!!!!

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