I really get pissed off when..

  • People interfere in my personal life –  Being my relative or a person known to me, doesn’t give you any rights to know what is happening in my life & so stop bombarding me with many personal questions..It is my life and I am not answerable to you…
  • People do not honor their commitments – I hate people when they say something to me but later do not even try to do what they committed to me…I feel like screaming at them “Why the hell you first committed to me??”
  • People compare  with others –  I am really annoyed when people compare me with every tom, dick & harry!!!! I am what I am, Stop comparing…
  • People fight in Public – I understand you might have some issues with your husband/wife/relatives/friends, but that doesn’t mean that you can fight with them shouting loudly at public places & disturbing others!!!
  • People talk inferior about my country -I know you are now well settled in a foreign country,but that doesn’t mean that you can talk ill about my country – You are entitled to have your opinion, but don’t express that to me – Please try to remember that you have grown up &  got educated here in this country…

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