What will happen if…

  • there is maximum age limit for contesting in elections for Politicians??? (Like Government offices, where there is retirement age for staff…)
  • all the auto drivers in Chennai demand only meter charge and not their own charges??? (  there are some drivers who are genuine..)
  • all the citizens in India get compulsory basic education???
  • there is no bribery in our country???
  • there is no discrimination based on religion, caste, creed between us???
  • there is no gender bias???
  • all students get equal opportunity to study based on their pure merit and there is no reservation quota based  on caste/religion alone???
  • Voting  in elections is made compulsory???
  • there is no demand of dowry in marriages???
  • there is a law that all should compulsorily take care of their parents’ in their old age & parents should not be sent to old age home???

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