“She” Series – 3

She is very close to her cousins and all her cousins usually come to her house for family functions and festivals every year..

If there was any pooja in house, they will get ready early and will sit in pooja room & pretend as if they were praying sincerely and make sure that her grandma & others see them praying…After some time, one by one, they all will escape from that place and go upstairs to play..

She still remembers that in her village, many houses’ mottaimadis’ (upstairs)  were connected with each other, that is, they can jump from one mottaimadi to another..They all enjoyed crazily doing that & were never afraid of heights..

For every  New year, She & her gang had a ritual of cutting cake & drinking pepsi without fail till they completed their schooling…For Diwali, they all loved bursting crackers and enjoyed like anything…

She & her cousins used to sleep in a  separate room in upstairs & elders were not strictly allowed inside..During a midnight, they were talking about ghosts and were arguing whether they exist or not…Suddenly there was no power & torch they had was not working..They all started trembling in fear…Only their brother had a cellphone that time and he tried to on the torch in cellphone ..But he was surprised, as the cellphone suddenly got switched off (He later told us that the battery charge was full).All her gang  freaked out due to fear  and started running madly to downstairs..She still remembers it how all elders scolded them for that…

She  knows for sure that those days were  golden days & memories of the same will always be in her heart forever..


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