Most Romantic pairs…

I often envy at  some pairs which are Mad(e) for each other..

I even  think they being together is decided at Heaven …

The way they jell together is still a mystery to me…

Ok, You may think what am I blabbering about?? ?

It is not about Bollywood/Hollywood/Kollywood or any other celebrity leading pairs…

It is not about husband/wife or people in Love…

It is very simple, uncomplicated, but some pairs which I feel are perfect to the core….

Suspense over..It is about.……….

Pls scroll down…….






Well it is about some south Indian food combos…

Though I am not a foodie, but still I love when I get to eat the following with their respective unbeatable combination:

  • Idly/Dosa with cocunut chutney, sambar & milagai Podi
  • Idiyappam/Appam with cocunut milk
  • Chappathi with Kuruma
  • Poori with Potato Masala
  • Adai with Aviyal
  • Vatha Kuzambhu with Potato Roast
  • Semiya/Milk Payasam with Pappad
  • Paruppu Podi Rice with milagai podi
  • Rava Kesari & Bajji..

So, What about you?? What do you like the most????








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