Are you Ophidiophobic??

As per wikipedia,” Ophidiophobia is a particular type of specific phobia, the abnormal fear of snakes..

Care must also be taken to differentiate people who do not like snakes or fear them for their venom or the inherent danger involved. An ophidiophobe would not only fear them when in live contact but also dreads to think about them or even see them on TV or in pictures.About a third of adult humans are ophidiophobic, making this the most common reported phobia” 

When I first went to our vayal (meaning field in english in my village, my father told that I have to be careful as there may be  some snakes there ..I was very much afraid and was holding his hand tightly..But Thank God!!! I did not see anything that day…

After my marraige, we were in a single bedroom flat in ground floor..We had a big wooden showcase in which TV & other showcase items were kept..In the bottom of it, we kept old newspapers..One day, in early morning, I opened it to keep the previous day’s newspaper & was shocked when I saw a small snake there..I started shouting & called my husband..He  came & my house owner who was there in next door also came..House owner caught that small snake out from my house…I still remember that I was shivering & didn’t close that bottom showcase door  & kept checking the papers for many days for fear of snakes….

2 months after this incident, Me & my husband were watching TV on one fine evening and it was raining…Suddenly we heard some sound outside my house …Out of curiosity, I went to open the door, but somebody from outside was not allowing me to open the door & he shouted “Don’t open the door…There is big snake outside your door” – I was again shocked and after some time I opened the door when I heard the calling bell sound…

My neighbour was there and he said that he first saw the snake on his door..It was big & inorder to escape from him,  snake had  entered the outside area of our house..As our door was locked, it couldn’t enter our house..I thanked him a lot as if he had not cautioned us, I would have opened the door that day..He further informed that snake had however escaped to nearby unused land which was full of bushes & due to rain and darkness, they could not locate the snake..

I still remember how much afraid I was that day and for many days after that incident,I always locked my house door..I felt I am silly but I couldn’t overcome that fear …

After these 2 incidents, I avoid seeing snakes even in TV or pictures!!!! My husband makes fun out of me, but I can’t change myself!!

Yes, I am Ophidiophobic!!!! Are you ?????




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