What I shouldn’t have done…

Many years of experience in my  job have taught me  following lessons…

  • I shouldn’t have been over sincere – I know I have to be sincere &  responsible in my Job as  I am getting paid for it, but I have crossed the Laxman rekha many times and had been over sincere, which I could have avoided..
  • I shouldn’t have stayed long hours – This is the main mistake that I did due to which I missed spending time with my family…
  • I shouldn’t have believed my colleagues blindly – Most of my colleagues were very good – But I didn’t identify those cunning persons who took advantage of my sincerity & many times I ended up completing their tasks also…
  • I shouldn’t have been  humble – I didn’t  like boasting about myself to others – I always felt that I am doing my Job..But I think I was wrong, I should have trumpeted about my achievements to others…

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