“She”Series – 2

She  is always crazily in love with her paternal Grandma & special to her grandma also as She was first Grandchild in the family..

When She  was just 3 years old, She told that she will stay only with her Grandma & will not accompany her mother to Uncle’s house during her  mother’s second delivery…After her younger brother was born, She saw & loved the baby, but returned back with her father to stay with her grandma…

When  She was in school,her grandma would wake her  up at early morning to study & would give her world’s best coffee..Her Grandma was very proud of her as She was always good in studies..

She still wonders how her grandma prepared food in the apt way that she liked…

When She came to work in a different city, She called her Grandma daily & talked with her..

She was shocked, when she received a phone call from her father that Grandma expired suddenly due to heart attack…She couldn’t believe as she had spoken to her during previous night…

She started immediately to her native village …Her Periyama (Father’s elder Brother’s wife) called her & said that they are going to cremate Grandma soon as all sons,daughters & DILs were already there and they could not wait for her..

She pleaded, cried, requested her periyama to wait for her, but periyama was so stubborn..

Finally when she reached her home, she was late by half an hour & everything was over..

That was the first time when she lost her cool and shouted at  her periyama & She never spoke with her periyama after that incident…

She still misses her Grandma  a lot & her eyes are always full with tears, when she thinks that she could not see her for last time…

She knows Grandma’s  unconditional love will always be with her in memories…







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