This too Shall Pass..

Recently I was talking with my  new maid and she told me that, earlier she was  a home maker and she had 2 employed maids in her house…But now due to heavy loss in her husband’s business & his sudden illness, She had started working as maid ..I was shocked on hearing this and sympathized with her..

But she said ” No problem ma …Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum” (Tamil version of This too Shall Pass)

I was very much surprised on hearing this from her, because I know, it is very easy to quote this to  others when we offer them condolences or sympathy… But when we face the same situation, it is very difficult to  practice this quote..

I feel that life is more interesting due to  this temporariness & Uncertainty factor tagged to it..

 I am trying hard to enjoy happier moments in my Life and not to worry when things go bad, as neither Joy nor Sorrow can last forever…

But Practicing this is very difficult, Isn’t it???


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