Book Review – The Bestseller She Wrote

I am very late in reviewing this book..I read it only last week..

This book is penned by Mr.Ravi Subramanian and I have read all his earlier six books except “I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari” …Banking, which is close to my heart, is the common theme in all his books and I enjoyed reading all his books…

His new book is more in to relationships when compared to his earlier banking thrillers..

This book talks about Aditya Kapoor,  a successful author, Paper Back King of India, and also a banker…

He is  portrayed as a person who leads a happy life with his wife Maya and his son…He meets Shreya Kaushik, a  beautiful student, and then his life takes a big  turn after that..

Shreya’s ambition is to become a best selling author and she chases Aditya Kapoor to fulfill her goal…Adithya is totally smitten by her looks and he thinks that he loves her..He is confused as he is in love with his wife also and he thinks that he can love two people at the same time..

There comes a stage when Maya knows about his affair ..Aditya finds about the betrayal of persons close to him and how he finally comes out of it & understands about lust and true love, is depicted clearly in the book..

Like all his earlier books, the way author had written the climax part is so good and it is so fast pacing & unpredictable & I simply loved it!!!!

Overall this book is a very good read…



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