My Dear GOD…

I first heard about you  from my Patti (Grandma) when I was very young..  While making me eat food, she will say, “Open your mouth like Lord Krishna” and I had asked her “Whether you are able to see anything inside my mouth like Lord Krishna’s??” She just laughed …

 When I was young, I totally believed you…I didn’t even have doubt whether you can give me what I ask..I even remember asking you many silly things at that age and I got them all..

During my college days, I used to visit your temple regularly inside my college campus…But after I started working, me visiting you gradually decreased..

I became very selfish as I thought about you only when I was in trouble..At certain situations, I even questioned about the existence of you..But you proved that my thinking is wrong…

You made me accept the fact that everything happens for a reason..I  am  grateful as you have given me the best things in  life ..

I am really trying hard again to become a young child  again whose prayer and belief in you  was pure ..

Though it is difficult to practice, I wish not to pester you with my wishes…I know you will give me what I deserve..

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