“She” Series – 1

She was studying sixth standard and her favorite subject was English..She and her  friend were preparing for the class test..

Teacher came and test started..Her  friend was sitting in the same desk next to her..She started writing the answers and her  friend signaled her to show the answer sheet to her for copying answers…

She said that it is not fair to copy the answers and continued writing…But her  friend compelled her for the same..

Teacher suddenly watched both of them talking and started scolding them…Before she could respond, her  friend pointed at her and said “Mam, She is asking me to show my answer sheet for copying and I was denying the same”

She was shocked and  teacher did not even allow her to talk and she was forced to leave the class room..

Her  friend came near her after the test was over …She didn’t even see her face,didn’t shout at her , simply ignored her …

That was the first time that she faced a situation where a person whom she cared, back stabbed her ..Her so called friend is also a distant relative and she had never spoken to her till now even after so many years..

Till date, She really finds it difficult to forget the above mentioned incident ..She never forgives nor forgets persons who had killed her trust…

She never gets angry with them, simply ignores and never talks with them..

She may be right or wrong, but this is how she is !!!!!






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