There’s something really fascinating about you…

You have attracted me right from my schooling days..As usual it started from comic books like Tinkle, Siruvar Malar (a Tamil supplementary for children),and then you totally occupied me..

Everyone around me used to mock me that ” If we give even a piece of paper to her, she will stop talking and start reading that!!!!”

Because of you, my friends & family had scolded me for not spending enough time with them, but still I love you the most!!!!

You take me to a different world, where only you & me exist…You are my companion daily when i commute & when I am reading you, I usually wish time should not move fast…

I like to read you in paper back/hard cover  form, though sometimes I read you in Kindle also..But I love the former one only and a look at you neatly arranged in my bookshelf, makes my day..

The moment I buy you, I have urge to complete reading you…

You will always be my best friend  who will never leave me forever…I know you are an ocean , I haven’t  even had a little drop of you…











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