Adjustment – Boon or Curse??

“He/She is a good person..Adjusts well according to situations”  – This is what people around feel about that person…

“Why it happens  to me?? Why always me alone should adjust??” – This is what some of the so  called adjustment type persons might feel…

Ok, in my case, myself  and adjustment had become thick friends from the beginning..I was born and brought up in a joint family, I stayed in hostels during my college days and after marriage….So adjustment follows me  everywhere like Vodafone  advertisement dog…hahahhaha…

I usually think, if I adjust in this small matter, then the other person will be happy..So let me adjust..

But what happens in long run??? People  generally perceive that he/she will adjust we can ask them to do this/that instead of asking the other person who normally do not adjust…

Sometimes we have to say firmly “No” to others so that we can be happy and be ourselves and should not worry about what others will say…We should be firm in what we want…

I think that adjustment is boon to people around  us and curse to persons who are adjusting..

What do you think????


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