I am very much happy when I..

  • leisurely drink my hot cup of coffee in morning without looking at clock..
  •  travel  listening to melody hits of Illaiyaraja, A.R.Rahman &  of course I should get window seat!!!
  •   buy any artistic things like showcase items, wall hangings, scenery, etc..
  •   am  not compelled to eat Rice..I always love to have tiffin items for breakfast,lunch & dinner..
  •   am not disturbed while reading a book..
  •   get surprise gifts!!!!!
  •   am not questioned and when I complete tasks given to me completely before                 deadlines..
  •    hear chirping sounds of birds in my balcony..
  •      get drenched completely in rain..
  •      do not hear people comparing me with others..
  •      still move on in my life with all its ups & downs..
  •      am doing what I love without any interference..
  •      meet people who honor their commitments..

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