Disclaimer:This post is not for blaming/finding fault with anybody..Just thought of Sharing my views with all of you..

How many of us have watched a Tamil film named Kutty ( 2001 released film directed by Ms.Janaki Viswanathan starring child artist Ms.P.Shwetha, Ramesh Aravind, Kausalya,Vivek, etc..) – It is film which talks about child labour and is a very touching story..

I watched this film years ago..I was reminded of this film suddenly due to certain incidents which I saw recently..

I visited a mall and I saw a family of 4 (Husband, Wife and 2 children (elder girl might be 5 yrs old, and younger boy might be 2 yrs old) accompanied by another small girl around 11 years who most probably works in their house – She was taking care of small boy and girl , while the family was busy shopping..I was astonished on seeing that She was so much mature and she was handling those 2 kids effectively…I saw a silence in her eyes which made me write this post…

I thought whether I was that much mature when I was 11 years old like this girl?? What makes that girl so mature?? Where is the childishness in that girl and how she had understood that her main job now is only to cater to the needs of small children and not to get attracted by items in the shop, which normally all the children of her age do??

There might be many factors which would have made her do this job – The Family in which she works might take care of her nicely also – I am not going deep in to these…

Unanswered Questions in my mind now is:

Is this society had made her to grow up so fast suddenly in spite of her small age??? and who is responsible for depriving her from enjoying her childhood moments???

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