A Sweet Lady…

Recently  I was travelling in ladies compartment in a local train..A vision impaired old man was selling some home made chocolates..He was reassuring that his products are of good quality and kids will surely like them..Some of us bought some pockets..

At that time, a Lady entered our compartment and was observing the way the old man was trying to sell..Then without hesitation, She also started to help the old man by shouting and selling the same..She then helped the man to collect the money and made sure that he sold all his pockets..When the old man thanked her, she said that  “No Problem.. I noticed that your voice was low and so  I just shouted along with you”..She then got off at another station..

I was thinking, there were many in train including myself, but it did not strike to us that we have to help Old man, but that Lady not only bought his products,but also helped him to sell all his chocolates….I was amazed on thinking about that lady..How she helped without any  expectations?? Isn’t she sweet???

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