Come Sun…

A Small girl was in her Uncle’s house during her Summer Vacation many years ago..She always loved to come there as she always had good time with her cousins..

That day she was so thrilled as she was going to visit the beach that evening and was waiting for the same…But from that afternoon, it started heavily raining..She was so desperate and started crying…Her Uncle tried pacifying her but she did not stop crying and She wanted to go to beach …

Finally her uncle told her “Stop crying and you say “Come Sun, Come Sun” and  then Rain will stop and When Sun comes, we can go to beach”

That  stupid little girl believed whatever her Uncle said and stood near the window and started saying “Come Sun, Come Sun” till that night…..hahahhaha…..

So my Love for Beach started so early and I simply feel I am mesmerized to see the waves..

Beach simply makes me to forget everything and I  dream of empty beach and me standing alone in the waves….That’s an awesome feeling …Isn’t It???



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