My First step…

I am new to writing blogs and I had been thinking for a long time of creating my own blog where I can express (to be honest “Blabber” ) about what I feel..

Ok, Let me begin..I  read many blogs like “A Dash of Pepper”, “Anectodes of Two – riffic twins”, “Anisnest Blog”, “Editions of Green Boochi”, “Tandooripanipurilife”,”R’s Mom Blog” and list is endless… I simply loved the way all these blogs are written…

In life we run behind  achieving some  goals so that we can enjoy so called “Settled” Life happily…But What  I feel is that there is some inner desire within everybody and unless we truly think about how to fulfill the same, we can never be  truly happy…

My inner desire has always been  writing  and  this blog is my first step towards that… So I Welcome you all to my blog….

And now comes the million dollar  question…what will be my blog’s content and what will  I write about??????…..AND MY ANSWER IS Can  I please pass this question??????”

OK, jokes apart, My honest answer is that I will try to express What I feel about various things in Life…..

If  You had  read My First Step (Post) up to this line, a Big  THANKKK YOUUUU  from me and  you have been awarded  as“Best Patient Reader of the year”   …Hahahahha…Keep Smiling…..







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